[ChoralWorld Platform]

  • We have a demo site here for your trial : www.choirchina.com

  • Online web site (this site): www.choirchina.cn with Wechat subscription channel "CHORALWORLD" (QR code below). This site is now available for licensing e-print scores to choirs located in greater China area and royalty paying to local composers that accept Wechat as the only method of online payment, while Paypal is acceptable for foreign composers.

[Basic Concepts]

  • Only e-print score (pdf, jpg, etc.) with marked serial number is delivered.

  • Score is licensed to choir only.

  • Copy Licence: indicates the number of copies that can be made out of the e-print score.

  • Performance Licence: indicates the validity period that a choir is authorized to perform a score in a public occasion, especially concerts, choral festivals and competetions. 3 types of performance Licence are available: 1 year, 2 years and Permanent. Note that this is not like the pay-per-view basis that has been widely adopted by any copyright management organizations since some ancient time, with much more powerful information technologies, things should be changed to make it easier and more convenient. 

[Basic Routines]

  • for choirs: member register → join or creat a choir account → browse & purchase licence → receive e-print score (with serial number on it) via email (not download from website) → make copies and perform according to licensing specifications.

  • for composers/publishers: member register (or account assign if you're a foreign composer) → creat a composer account → (offline) submit choral works via email → score review by platform's artistic committee → sign publishing or posting contract with platform → (online) scores ready for sale → realtime informed and check online which choir has bought licences of your scores → get monthly royalty payment directly from the platform if there's any sales of your scores in the past month.

  • for all and others: validate licence information via serial number or QR code on the score. If there's suspect of piracy or infringement,do report it.

Besides all these, enjoy those beautiful sample listenings posted on the platform and tell us whether you like it or not.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact cw(at)choirchina.cn.