ChoralWorld Platform Regulations

ChoralWorld (this platform) is devoting to the promotion of new original choral works under the premise of copyright respecting and protecting. Before you buy any licences from this platform, make copies of any purchased e-print scores or give performances in public occasions, you must understand and adhere to the following regulations:

1. ONLY e-print scores will be delivered by this platform.

2. E-print scores posted on this platform are formally published by the Guanddong Education Publishing House or, platform-registered legal publishers.

3. ONLY registered choir entities can be licensed for copy and/or performance rights of any e-print scores posted on this platform. Personal licence is not available now.

4. E-print scores delivered by this platform will have unique serial numbers and authorizing QR-codes printed along with names of the authorized choirs. While copying and performing licences can be validated by QR-code scanning or S/N look-up upon this platform, any e-print score must be legally used as what its licence specification is.

5. Mobile phone number (E-mail address for foreign users) is used as the user account of this platform and the default contacting method during any trading process as well.

6. As to regulation-3 here above, a registered user must creat or join an existing choir account before he can purchase licences for that choir. In case a user belongs to 2 or more choirs, he must pay attention to choose the right one choir to be authorized before he places an order.

7. A registered composer/publisher can view online the selling information and royalty payment record of its works that have been posted on this platform. Agreements will be signed individually for new choral works that will intend to be promoted by this platform. Click HERE for Terms and Conditions for Composers/Publishers.

8. Licences issued by this platform DO NOT cover any further production out of the score - neither in audio/video format nor on any medias - for commercial purposes, unless additional written permission is granted by the copyright holders.

9. This platform reserves the rights to explain and modify any regulations herein.

[Version Date: Setp.25, 2018]

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact cw(at)